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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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Yeah, the last scene showed the bounty hunter pulling out one of those explosive pouches, which was telling us that Nolan had been right all along, that he'd helped Pol escape so he could recapture him and take him in.

By the way, is anyone else getting sick of the modern convention of ending every episode of a show with a music-video montage? It's just so formulaic, and it often seems like a waste of time, a couple of minutes spent on slow shots of characters just sitting around and looking contemplative or sad or whatever. I'd rather see them talking or doing something! I think in this case I wouldn't mind so much if they used more of the sort of original source music that we heard in the pilot -- songs written for the show in "futuristic" or "alien" styles, with lyrics reflecting the show's backstory and status quo. Then it would actually be worldbuilding instead of product placement for pop albums.

Maybe they are trying to dodge the nuBSG sound. I dunno, I kinda like the use of old pop songs. Really, If I have a nitpick-what the hell is Datak driving a 60's Lincoln around for? I mean-where are they finding these antiques? They raid the Imperial Palace museum in Vegas?
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