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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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To make a Tech Manual-type publication, it's necessary to make judgment calls and filter out some canon, because it's reasonable to designate some canon as only being artifacts of Star Trek having been a television show. Otherwise, if all canon is slavishly and indiscriminately treated as equally valid, then the Tech Manual must ultimately record absurdities such as walls on the Enterprise that can be cracked by people falling into them.

The starship interiors were sets on a stage.

When someone watches a stage play, they aren't supposed to assume that the characters see what the audience sees on stage. When the audience knows that characters are in a kitchen, but all they can see is a table and a couple of chairs in front of a black curtain, the audience isn't necessarily supposed to assume that that's all that's there in the kitchen. Theater tropes dictate that the audience's imagination is supposed to fill in the rest, and even make appropriate substitutions, especially for elements inessential to the plot.

The fact that the same curved hallway was seen all over the starship is an artifact of the standing set having that curved hallway—typical of what would be in the saucer section, which is to say, suggestive of the curvature evident in the saucer and therefore both fitting and reasonably accurate for most cases. It's a perfectly valid judgment call to assume that not all sections of the Enterprise "really" have that curvature, even—if not especially—if they are parts of the ship shown on screen. Only a smattering of the interior could be represented on the stage, so choices in what to show and how to show it had to be made, just like in theater.

The Tech Manual has the backstory of being what the characters would be reading in-universe. Therefore, it shouldn't suffer from the limitations and compromises that had to be made when building the props, stages, and other costumes.

Recording canon is a different mission.
Well said. In like manner the folks at Round2 made the same point when it came to producing a 1/350 scale model kit of the TOS Enterprise. Their view was they were intent on recreating the starship as if it were real rather than merely a slavish reproduction of the 11ft. filming prop.
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