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Re: Did Abrams really save the franchise?

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My opinion is that for those that dislike JJ Abrams if someone they liked had saved Star Trek they would be on here singing their praises.
Quite possibly. Can't really argue that...if I'd liked the direction the reboot went and its overall execution.

I've certainly made no secret of my dissatisfaction with how the product onscreen has evolved over the years. But even in disapproval I can't ignore it kept people talking, discussing, debating and even arguing. It kept us interested whether we agreed or not.

And through all of it I kept picking up stuff tied in to my preferred series be they video, books, magazines, soundtracks, models, whatever as well as creating and sharing my own stuff. I kept promoting and defending what I liked. And in that, in each our own way, we kept the interest and the franchise alive.
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