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A woman had severe recurring cancer. One technique they tried was giving her adult brother (a close genetic match) drugs to extremely boost his stem cells. THey took out the blood, centrifuged out a majority of the stem cells, and returned the rest to her brother.

It helped quite a bit, though not the final solution for her. So the "magical stem cell solution" is in fact a reality...but as you said, it may be not as effective as killing embryos, but it can work. And with less ethical dilemma.

Actually no. The magical stem cell solution is in no way a reality. Adult stem cells don't work that well; it turns out that what makes bone marrow produce blood is the stem cells in bone marrow (thus when you say "I need a marrow transplant", you really might as well say "I need a bone marrow Stem Cell transplant" because it's the stem cells in the marrow you want.

Secondly, I honestly cannot understand the sequence of event you just described. Not clear.

Adult Stem Cells aren't the majic bullet, they do some things but as they lack any telomerase their telomeres will degrade over time to the point that they senescense; they aren't highly effective.

You got your information from a one hour tv show. I am a biology major at university, and we were taught this last month. And I am telling you, whatever thing you saw would not be a full cure.
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