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Re: Hawaii 5-0 Season 3 discussion/spoilers

For some reason, I had the past three episodes saved up on my DVR and watched them all pretty close together. I think they dropped the ball on Doris this season and the more she was on, the lest interested I was in her storyline. I can't even say I'm that curious to find out what her business with Wo Fat is (aside from the hope it's not some lame, "He's your half-brother" thing).

As for Wo Fat, after nearly three whole seasons on the run, he's suddenly Hannibal Lecter. I'm glad that they are doing something interesting with him, instead of keeping him as the "Go-To" guy when they need information.

Glad to see Autumn Reeser show up, but it was telegraphed, since I noticed her name in the credits and then remembered at the end that we hadn't seen her yet.

I'm glad the business with Kono's gun was resolved quickly. When it was first taken, earlier this season, I did a pretty serious eye-roll, since last season we had the "Kono being framed" business. It just seemed very un-original for me. I didn't get the sense Kono's leaving, but, again, like early season 2, I think she'll be off of Five-0 for a while. I'm pretty sure we'll see her in the season premiere, and eventually she'll pop-up back in Hawaii.

The finale definitely was lacking in Kamekona, though. I loved his bit about the healing powers of shrimp in this season's penultimate episode!
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