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Re: CGI goddess RAPUNZEL from TANGLED appreciation thread.

Well Worf..the sequel practically writes itself.

The Queen has a relapse and is again near death and in need of the magic. Rapunzel and Flynn have no choice but to travel far from the kingdom with the two animal sidekicks in search of a rumored magic flower. A new villain is in persuit for their own nefarious reasons for wanting the flower. The flower is found early on in the story allowing Rapunzel's beautiful blonde tresses to be restored. Now the hard part is getting back to Corona with the villain making all kinds of trouble. In a nice twist just when it looks like Rapunzel and Flynn will die the spirit of Mother Gothel having found peace in the great beyond returns to aid Rapunzel thus making amends for what she did to her and Flynn in life. She saves them and gets redemption at the same time. Like I said...the story writes itself!
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