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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I actually liked the T'Challa and Ororo pairing. Marvel just never really did anything with it.
I did as well. And as for John Stewart and Fatality I like that pairing too. What's so odd about two black people liking or falling in love with each other or Heaven's forbid have sex? I never see these kinds of (racially implied) questions posed about any white characters.

Some might rush to say well so and so white characters have a history or whatever, and to that I would say John and Fatality have history. And I think the pairing isn't out of the realm of literary possibilities: two enemies falling for each other isn't something that is all that new.

With the John/Fatality scene in GLC #20, it signaled to me that Stewart was finally going to get more attention and character development from the new writing staff.
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