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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

Transwarp beaming may be interesting and could be developed. I thought there was a ST-TNG novel that discussed an orbital station or some such thing that beamed people interstellar distances but am not knowledgeable about television episodes.

But what about the psychology of the surviving Vulcan? Could Vulcans experience many emotions simultaneously but control them all at once? Could they have multiple attitudes and multiple thoughts working in parallel? Perhaps I have missed the latest novels with more alien diversity. If an alien species controls their emotions, they can still, if necessary, but rarely, express emotions. This does not take away from the emotional control but enhances the rarity of expression.

If emotions are really necessary to proper human neurological functioning, then aliens shall need something similar to label and prioritize signals and traces. A new look at Vulcan functioning can provide a new look at how telergistic phenomena might be constructed in a civilization. Perhaps diversity within alien stereotypes may become possible. Or, is that too much of a brave new world?

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