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Admiral Buzzkill wrote: View Post
What's remarkable is that no one gives a fuck now about either A Very Brady Christmas or The Search For Spock.
BillJ wrote: View Post
I also agree that once they leave Genesis, it's Snoozeville.
sj4iy wrote: View Post
God, that movie was awful.
CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
When Scotty says, "That or nothing," my finger just automatically presses stop.
teacake wrote: View Post
TSFS is almost unwatchable for me, but I watch it anyway. Godawful IMO but still full of Trek lore.

I'm sending you all to the Federation Funny Farm. I love STIII.

'First Contact' is the tale of a man who just wants to cash in on his creation so he can get wasted on an island full of naked women, but his fans keep insisting that he's a saintly visionary who has profoundly altered the world. AKA - 'I Don't Want to be a Statue: The Gene Roddenberry Story.'
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