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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

Excellent topic! I was 16 when TMP came out. The fanbase had been primed for many months by articles in Starlog and Cinefantastique that the ship was going to change.

I can only speak for myself but I suspect most everyone would have been happy to see the same sets and costumes from the TV series. When I started seeing the new uniform designs in Starlog magazine, I was horrified.

I remember being okay with the bridge redesign. When i saw the movie, I was terribly disapponted that all those blinking lights that seemed to have a purpose on the TV bridge were replaced by what looked like Christmas tree lights that just blinked randomly, especially at Spock's station.

I must admit liking most of the changes to the ship. i was most upset that technology that seemed commonplace in the series now was treated as if it was dangerous. On the show, the transporter was just a room with a console and the transporter platform. In the movie, there was visible machinery and conduits in the walls giving the magical transporter the feel of a dangerous power station. Worse yet, the transporter operator had to stand behind glass as if to shield them from something equally dangerous. What was fantasy in the show was now cold, hard, functional and drab work.

The characters on the show seemed to enjoy being on the ship. The characters in the movie seemed to have dangerous jobs, or worse yet, boring jobs. I've tried to imagine what those poor people at the standup stations on the new bridge must have felt after a couple of hours staring at their small console while their legs got tired.

Having said all that, I finally had some sort of epiphany a couple of years ago. I watched TMP and wasn't hung up by what I missed from the TV show and suddenly accepted the movie on its own terms. Now, I consider it to be one of my three favorite a trek movies of all time.
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