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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine


An ever-so-slightly better picture of the transporter pad shows Magda Kovacs' feet (Susan Denberg) from "Mudd's Women."

We've picked up a half dozen lenses for our Phase II transporter room set. These are, as you've learned, Fresnel lenses from Mole-Richardson.Type 416, 10,000 Watt Tener Solarspot lamps. There are actually two slightly different styles of lenses: a "hot lens" which focuses the light a tiny bit more tightly than a "cold lens." You'd probably never notice the difference unless you counted the rings/tiers. These "hot lenses" actually have 17 rings/tiers--if you're trying to make them just right.

It's not much clearer than a regular Star Trek production picture (since it's just clear glass, and so doesn't photograph super-great), but here's a shot of one of ours:

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