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Re: Did Star Wars cash in on Star Trek?

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I never claimed that SW was "better".
You said it "wouldn't be the case" that SW was "the lesser." You didn't specify how you meant "lesser."

I did however claim, and support, that SW (1977) can't be pigeonholed as only riding the wave of ST's success, which hopefully should be a clearer way of expressing some of what I said. SW was much more than that, in concept, in terms of the interest it generated, and in terms of marketshare.
Okay, I went back and reviewed the original post, and I guess the question was whether SW succeeded because it was riding the wave of ST's success. I'd agree that that wasn't what happened there. It's true that Lucas was influenced by ST and hoping to benefit from the interest of its fanbase, so he was "cashing in" to that extent, but it's also true that his little Flash Gordon pastiche turned out to be far huger than he or anyone else could ever have anticipated. It wasn't just borrowing the success of some other franchise or film, but achieved success beyond what any other movie ever had up to that time and for years to come.

And I was a bit terse when I said "lesser", because I didn't know how to expound on it, with any sort of reasonable brevity. It goes beyond just ticket sales and market share.

Part of what I meant by SW not being the lesser is covered by the statement that SW "can't be pigeonholed as only riding the wave of ST's success".

Part of it is that Star Wars wasn't to Star Trek what the grade B knock-offs of SW, such as—oh—Starcrash, were to Star Wars.

I'd definitely say that the makers of Starcrash/Stella Star tried to "cash in on" Star Wars.
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