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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

I have a XBOX 360. I don't use it to watch movies, to listen to music, or to socialize with other people. I use it to play games.

When I heard about the XBOX 1, I was like, why do I need more of what I don't use now?

My biggest worries about the Playstation 4 is (a.) will there be a diversity of games? and (b.) the graphics of the console. I didn't buy a PS3 because I was led to believe that the graphics were less good than the XBOX 360, and the games of the PS3 didn't interest me as much as those on the latter console.

When I think of the many features being touted as available to the XBOX 1, I think about this line from ST III,

The more they overthink the plumin', the easier it is to stop the drain.
(I have taken a risk lately. I have purchased a used PS3, and are looking forward to playing used games from Gamefly. Which raises another question, will Gamefly survive in the next generation of consoles? Not everyone has the money to pay for a new game, some, like me, have to settle for used games. I feel that the direction that the next generation is heading towards will actually reduce the size of the video gaming population, which I feel will be disastrous. I have heard it said that the new XBOX is for the "rich and privileged". [])
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