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Picking up on a point in there, you know we could solve all the arguments over whether a character who's only in one story really counts as a companion by just ignoring the production codes and declaring Marsperplan to be three linekd stories, like Trial of a Time Lord sometimes is - a six parter, a one parter and another five parter (or even split the last five... sort of, The Daleks Masterplan, The Feast of Steven, The Monk's Revenge, The Destruction of Time)
I long ago decided that people who argue that Sara Kingdom isn't a companion because "she's only in one story" weren't actually familiar with "Daleks' Master-Plan" at all. Sara Kingdom sees more time zones than Harry Sullivan!
I always point people to the companions montage from Resurrection of the Daleks, which featured a (very) recently returned shot of Sara Kingdom from DMP5 (like the episodes were found in July and the shot utilitsed in September or something like that).

Of course the montage does omit Leela for production reasons... namely they forgot...
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