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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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However we the viewer are left who/what was Grace? Did the Cloud being project her? Did the kidnapping aliens? Was she just one of Sam's hallucinations?
It's intentionally left vague for the viewer to decide if she is a personification of the nebula or just a hallucination.

You know, they never address just how Osiris got to Earth in the first place.
That gets explained in season 8 and is relevant to that season's story arc.

Now the curious thing here, outside the Jack/Sam discussion of a that I'm fairly certain Sam was humming the opening notes of the Stargate intro music? I backed it up a few times, am I right or just imagining it?
You're right. On the day of filming, Amanda Tapping forgot how the tune they wanted her to hum went so she was told to hum the first thing to come to mind. Therefore she hummed the show's theme tune.
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