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Re: Sci-Fi or Action?

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Depends on the episode. Although the series is generally accepted as "science fiction," there are many which aren't. The series should probably be categorized as "fantasy." "It's a Good Life" has no sci-fi in it, it has a kid with natural powers. It's horror/fantasy.
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The details are sci-fi, but the general plot can be and was used as a general warfare plot on Earth in almost any era. It's not a sci-fi story, it's a story used in a sci-fi milieu.
I think I'm still having trouble distinguishing the difference of what you said. I understand what you seem to be saying but the distinction of it seems blurry. Could you give me a few examples, for clarification? If you want to, of course.

I'll try a few.

Event Horizon, would be Horror instead of Science Fiction, or both possbily? (maybe I was the only one that saw that)
Both. No reason why it can't be. Frankenstein is both as well. Dracula on the other hand is Fantasy Horror.

2001 would sound like it's got to be Science Fiction, but but is it really just a Mystery within a sci-fi milieu?
Science Fiction Mystery sounds about right. Caves of Steel is one too, using slightly more "traditional" elements.

Galaxy Quest is a comedy, but it has (in story) real aliens and space ships, is it a Science Fiction movie as well?
Yeah, Science Fiction Comedy. As is Spaceballs. Which is also a specific style of comedy, parody.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is probably a horror movie within a sci-fi milieu.
Science Fiction Horror. TOS uses a similar plot in "This Side of Paradise".

As far as concepts go, is mental powers (telepathy, telekinesis) a science fiction concept or a fantasy concept, or both, or something else entirely?
Both. If Doctor Strange reads your mind it Fantasy. If Professor X reads your mind it's Science Fiction.
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