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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


How the hell was Wang voted the sexiest man? I just don't see it.

Kim falls in love with an alien....then he had to go to the sickbay... I was hoping for a STD! Then the doc said he had to tell the captain. what happened to patient confidentiality... They need permission to have sex with aliens? I do not think Riker had permission for his numerous sexual encounters...

Harry really sucks with women. No cuddling, no pillow talk, when she tells him about their deep connection, he asks how to stop it.. No wonder he never gets laid.

Kim argues with Janeway when he was sent to be treated. He pleads with her. He asks her if she would have taken a numbing hypo spray to numb the sadness she felt in losing her fiancÚ. Valid point, I guess.

Favorite part: Kim was given a formal reprimand.

Least favorite part: Harry Kim.
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