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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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By the way, is anyone else getting sick of the modern convention of ending every episode of a show with a music-video montage? It's just so formulaic, and it often seems like a waste of time, a couple of minutes spent on slow shots of characters just sitting around and looking contemplative or sad or whatever. I'd rather see them talking or doing something! I think in this case I wouldn't mind so much if they used more of the sort of original source music that we heard in the pilot -- songs written for the show in "futuristic" or "alien" styles, with lyrics reflecting the show's backstory and status quo. Then it would actually be worldbuilding instead of product placement for pop albums.
That's become so common place on TV shows these days that I don't even bother to comment on it anymore. Though this week's stuck out since that cover of Have You Ever Seen the Rain is terrible compared to the original. I did like the end of The Serpent's Egg where they at least tied the montage into the story with having the song played on the radio station.

Although, if they insist on ending each episode with montages I think I'd prefer if they used original pieces of music. They have Bear McCreary doing music for the show, utilize the talent.
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