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Re: Have you heard of this College?

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You may want to also look into some other schools for your undergraduate degree. I know Georgia Southern offers a Bachelor's in Physics. I considered going there at one time.

Georgia Southern is close to 4 hours away. Ga tech is 45 mins away.
Normally folks go to a different university for their Master's degree than they did for their Bachelor's degree. You can go to the same school for both, it's usually just preferred to have some variety in experience and on your resume. Also, many schools may have strong graduate programs in a specific area but not a very strong undergraduate program in the same subject, or vice versa. Do you want to go to Georgia Tech for your undergraduate or graduate degree?
I am meeting with an adviser about that when I return to my current college this summer. If I can do it elsewhere then I will but its all about money and location; preferably my graduate degree.
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