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Re: 2013 Star Trek HOT WHEELS - Excelsior, Kelvin, Vengeance, BoP

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These have cropped on my eBay suggested items thingy.

Look pretty sweet. I have this image of the new 2013 edition however with no bussard detail. Hmmm. Anyway, this is the image on my eBay list.

If anyone has one is this the final version.
Yeah, that's the final version (I got mine at a local Target store a couple of weeks ago).
I'm checking all my local toy shops but I'm not holding on to hope ill find one so it may be an Internet jobbie.
They're definitely hard to find. Some stores haven't even ordered the case that has them because they're trying to get rid of the Hot Wheels stock they already have. To make matters worse, there aren't that many of 'em in a case to begin with and some people snatch up all of them in one go as they're only a buck (or less) each. If you buy one from eBay, you're likely buying it from someone who did that.
Tribble puncher wrote:
I actually found one of those at a Kroger of all places, I want an extra one so I can face it off against my soon to be purchased u.s.s. vengeance.
It does seem like it would be to scale (or nearly to scale) with the Vengeance.
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