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Re: Holy pyramid scheme, Batman!

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"getting paid for social media" = SCAM, big time.
Managing my company's social outlets is a not-insignificant part of my job.

There are companies that will pay a stay-at-home Mom to sit on Facebook all day and participate in "like ladders," basically top-down affiliate marketing. It's a stupid practice because the quality of followers / fans generated is terrible, so any company that does that is beyond moronic, but there are legitimate operations that do this.

It's just like those scams that say they can get you like 10,000 Twitter followers in an instant. This is no more legit than that.
Tweet Adder, which is a platform I recommend with significant reservations (primarily due to Twitter TOS issues), can net you more than a thousand new followers a day if used correctly. And that's just one platform out of many for doing so.
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