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Re: Ideas for episodes

Here's a few:

- Voyager is attacked by a duplicate of itself. In command is Cavit; the doctor is Fitzgerald; at the helm is Stadi; etc. Turns out that the crew of this version of the ship are all of the ones who died on the original - and they want revenge.

- Not an entire episode but possibly a subplot in one: One time when Tom and Harry try to access the Fair Haven program they find that all traces of it have been wiped from the system, like the program never existed. Turns out that Q is involved - he somehow took all the characters and made them real, i.e. a real town in Irish history (of whatever time frame it's supposed to be). Not only that but several crewmembers are actually descendants of characters from the "program". So if Voyager had never gone to the DQ, and thus the program had never been written, many of the crew would have never been born...

- Voyager rescues a damaged shuttle. On board is Greskrendregtk (Ensign Wildman's husband). She is of course overjoyed to see him but when he sees her he freaks out and runs away (and doesn't even recognize Naomi). This is because this is the mirror universe counterpart of Gres, who escaped to the regular universe because where he comes from Samantha is abusive and violent, and beats the shit out of him every day. Then the MU Voyager - well, *a* MU Voyager, anyway (as the mainstream MU has no more Terran Empire by the time VOY takes place, so this would be a version of the MU where the Empire still existed) turns up and tries to take Gres back - he eventually beams to the ISS Voyager bridge with a bomb and sacrifices himself to blow up the ship.

(I'm actually toying with the idea that the version of Voyager depicted in the opening scenes of "Living Witness" is actually real, and was the ISS Voyager that I just spoke of.)

- An away mission from Voyager finds the USS Hera, Geordi's mother's ship (IIRC, this actually was going to be an episode). However the ship is empty and abandoned. Long story short: the crew decides to use the technology from "Prime Factors" again - thinking it will work better on a larger ship like the Nebula-class Hera - to get home. This turns out to be true, as the Hera makes several test jumps and can go anywhere they want. One crewmember is left in command of the Hera while the rest of the crew prepare to migrate to it. In the meantime, the Borg turn up. The lone officer on board the Hera eventually rams the ship into the Borg cube and destroys both vessels, to prevent the Borg from getting that alien technology.

- One day, Samantha Wildman starts acting real cold towards Chakotay and refuses to talk to him or follow his orders. Janeway hauls her into the ready room and demands answers. Turns out...remember when Chakotay once accidentally disturbed a tomb when he visited one of the Ktarian worlds? Well that tomb was of a revered Ktarian soldier and it started a civil war when he did that. Millions of Ktarians died as a result. Samantha accidentally stumbled across this and so she blames Chakotay for causing all that death on her hubby's homeworld (we would also learn that the Ktarian "game" from TNG was created by one of the factions in the civil war, which wanted to take over the Federation). Well one day during one of the crew's regular "Pathfinder"-style communications home, she talks to Gres, who freaks out and begs her to stop. He says that it's not Chakotay's fault, that something would have set it off sooner or later, and that neither he nor the post-war Ktarian government blames Chakotay for what happened and so she shouldn't either. Gres also talks to Chakotay himself, who is overcome with guilt over the war he thinks he caused. Gres convinces both of them to lighten up.
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