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Re: Holy pyramid scheme, Batman!

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I have done extensive research into these online things in the hopes of maybe getting in on one, but the more I see, the more I'm convinced that they're ALL scams.

Any of you guys know of one that isn't?
If they sound like scams they probably are. There is no free lunch, especially not on the internet. You might make a few pennies via producing Youtube videos that are actually watched but that is no free lunch and certainly no way to get rich.

A Ponzi scheme is a different matter, you can make money if you are one of the early participators. If you bought a house during the housing boom and sold it early enough you were one of the first players and benefited, if you bought one late in the hope that you can finance it Ponzi-style via itself (its rising price) you lost.
As it is hard to predict when a Ponzi scheme collapses I would never willingly participate. In a casino you do at least know your odds.
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