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Re: Pope: Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed

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Sinning is obviously a choice.
Yeah but since the idea is that we are sinners, what choice do we have? We must sin, that's our nature. Sure, we can avoid sin for a while, but we can't avoid it forever. As sinners, sin is what defines us. That's the point. To overcome our sinful nature, we must obviously look outside, to an external agent of salvation, to rescue us from ourselves, and deliver us to a prize we can't achieve on our own.

That's the whole point of revealed religions. To create a need we didn't have before, and act to fulfill it. Kinda like marketing.

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It is e.g. no coincidence that Freud found the best examples for his theories in such old mythological texts.
That's because both Freud and mythology are weird in the head.
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