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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by morgoth:
As for using 'Stem Cells', soap operas have actually been using that as a convenient plot devise for the past few years; you see Embryonic Stem Cells only really work whe You DESTROY the Embryo (hence their controversy). However, you can get SOME stem cells from umbilicial cords (they aren't as good). But in the fantasic world of "Soap Opera Science" umbicilical cord stem cells can be harvested. Okay, it's tv science, but semi-plausible enough for me to be okay;

How did Baltar develop a cure while Colonial society did not? Why hasn't America made progress in this field, while Britain, Israel, China, and South Korea have? Maybe the Colonials didn't fully research it due to ethical complaints. Also, remember that they said there was a backlash against high-technology after the First Cylon War.

On the Discovery Health Channel's series on Lance Armstrong-inspuired cancer reoveries, there was this "magical" stem cell solution.

A woman had severe recurring cancer. One technique they tried was giving her adult brother (a close genetic match) drugs to extremely boost his stem cells. THey took out the blood, centrifuged out a majority of the stem cells, and returned the rest to her brother.

It helped quite a bit, though not the final solution for her. So the "magical stem cell solution" is in fact a reality...but as you said, it may be not as effective as killing embryos, but it can work. And with less ethical dilemma.

I wouldn't be so worried about "magical stem cells" as much as Boomer being the nuBSG's "Wesley Crusher" -- the source of all the week's major problems. (i.e. Fiber optic plug in to CYlon fighters? ?)
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