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Re: Did Star Wars cash in on Star Trek?

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"Capitalized on the popularity of Star Trek" might be a better phrase.

SW was/is a great thing on its own, but Trek was HUGE, mid-Seventies.
Huh? Star Trek wasn't even on the air, aside from reruns in syndication. There was maybe a handful of original novels, and a short-lived cartoon series, but Trek was essentially in limbo during the seventies. Even Roddenberry had moved onto other things: Genesis II, Planet Earth, The Questor Tapes, Spectre, etc.
Mid-1970s, stream-of-consciousness:
Posterbooks, photonovels, magazines, "pen-a-posters," models, blueprints, tech manual, comics, donmoor kid shirts, Mego action figures and bridge, pj's, curtains, the show stripped every weeknight in every major tv market, even non-nerd kids saying "beam me up" in school, TMOST in how many printings, Gerrold's WOST and Tribbles in mass market paper, etc., etc. I was there, it was huge. You must have been there too. Don't you remember? I was a kid and just entering our average small-town bookstore, they had a star trek section.
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