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Re: Pope: Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed

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I think what some people do have a problem with though is the way that the Catholic church has historically approached this, with confession (oh, I am so bad, I have sinned, punish me) on the one hand and all the songs about the glory of God which are uplifting (it is like a spiritual drug, it makes you feel godo for some time).

I think that an ideal church should be a place where people can "lower their shields" and show how broken they are.
Indeed. And, actually, confession -- or the Sacrament of Reconciliation, to use the current term -- can be a good place to lower one's shields, when the priest approaches it that way. Unfortunately, they usually don't.
I think the problem is that you just report your big mistakes when you confess and the guilt is partly taken away from you. I'd have to quote Kirk here "I don't want my pain taken away from me, I need my pain".

I think a community (which is what church, ecclesia means after all) instead of just one person other person a social space which consists to lower your shields, show how weak and broken you are (this is broader than just confessing mistakes) ... and paradoxically gain strength precisely via being able to do this instead of suppressing your brokenness or doing things that make you directly feel good like we do most of the time.
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