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Re: Into Darkness comparisons (Spoilers)

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I don't see why adapting a previous work indicates its superiority. If that were so, no work could ever improve on a past work. EDITED to add: if you mean that recreating is what indicates the original's superiority, I might agree--except that I don't think the new scene is at all a recreation of the scene in Khan.

As it is, I don't see the scene as a complete lift at all. The resemblance between the climaxes of the two films is marginal at best: both are set in a similar location and feature a similar sacrifice. The dialogue is almost entirely new. The narrative beats are new. The thematic resonance is new.
STiD, as fun and enjoyable as it was, is NOT superior to TWoK.

Not even equivalent.

sarcasm mode - The new scene, as you call it, is so new that none of us identified it for its similarities to the climax of TWoK. /sarcasm mode
It's not the same at all in meaning or in context at all. It's actually a great exercise in how just by changing a couple of things, you can create a completely different story. It's like if I said "She's gone"- well, context matters. If the context is that someone's elderly mother passed away, well, that's sad. But if the context is that of someone's daughter, that's much worse. So context matters, and in this case, there is a completely different context in each situation.
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