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Re: Well, I Figured its Time...

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That's the one I've been working on now.
For what it's worth, your design with the circular nacelles has inspired me as well.

Actually, I woke up one night in the middle of the night a few nights ago after staying out all night, bolted upright in bed, and had to root around in a frenzy looking for a piece of paper - ANY piece of paper - to jot down some sketches before the ideas drifted away.

I saw my own version of a circular nacelle ship (with my own stylistic preferences for thinner, more wispy shapes, naturally) in nearly completed form. And as I said, the circular nacelles suggest some serious space-and-mind-warping action going on there - but 2D static drawings don't convey it well. I need to learn how to do 3D models and animations.

As soon as I pull the sketches together into something that conveys what I'm going for, I'll post it. Thanks for the inspiration!
That's my job, so No mate, thank you.

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Itīs is something really unusual Chris! By my side, makes me remember the Ori ships, from Stargate.
I noticed you already named one of your older concepts as "conceptfederationreyesc".
Thanks mate. I can see the "Ori feel" of her, if asymmetric. The ship will be my newest version of the Reyes. I always make the most unhindered designs I have take my namesake... so this one, when finished, will be the USS Reyes.
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