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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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I'm guessing Mace probably died, though if he didn't and he somehow managed to slip into hiding and avoid the Emperor's and Vader's troops and spies over the years he's probably keeping as low a profile as humanly possible.

After all, after Yoda he was the most senior and highest-ranking Jedi in the galaxy and would probably leave a pretty powerful Force trail. Masking himself from discovery by practicioners of the Dark Side would be his first priority because he could always change his physical appearance to fool the vast majority of regular citizens who happened to see him.
The Zahn-explanation for that is that the Dark Jedi that Yoda defeated on Dagobah (creating the Dark Side impression in the dead tree where Luke fights himself as Vader) acted as a 'shield' for Yoda's own force impression.
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