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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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Don't believe me? Run a poll someplace, if it hasn't already been run. Even those who like JJ Trek usually just "tolerate" the production design issues, like the ship, the Applestore bridge, and the brewery engine-room. The only truly pretty part of the JJ Prise is the main dish, and I guess the blue bussard collectors are OK. BTW, I put some thought into expressing my opinions. Would it hurt for you to do more than just write "No" and "Yes"? Monosyllabic declarations like that don't prove much.
Long paragraphs declaring without evidence that most people find the design ugly doesn't prove much either. At least "no" is concise.
When a simple declarative syllable becomes the near-constant default Imperialist response by one poster to most dissenting views, it isn't being concise -- it's just being highhanded & dismissive without providing any countering content.

Of course, the inevitable post consisting of the word 'no' that will doubtless follow at some point won't be considered trolling.
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