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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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Only the dish reads remotely that way to me, with the rest just messing with proportions in a disturbing/distracting fashion.
Yeah, I don't find it appealing. For me the '79 model had a combination of gracefulness and substance that none of the rest have managed.

Kind of reminds me of a sports car from the late 70s ... don't recall its name, but the front and middle looked sharp and exciting like a traditional Corvette ... but then it just stopped, like somebody lopped off the back end of a vette. Just godawful looking, whatever the hell it was.
Opel GT?
Yeah, I kept thinking Opus or Opal, but wasn't sure. My boss' kid had one of those things, and every time he tried one of those 'high&mighty' acts at work because he could get away with it, I'd tell him somebody stole the back half of his car.
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