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Re: TOS camera usage

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Yeah I guess I didn't mean the costumer directly, I guess it's whatever production people in charge should have known better and poor Senesky took the brunt of it.

He ain't the only one. George Meerhof the gaffer got canned for making some kind of stand for his people around the same time (is that in the Solow book?)

I remember thinking hard about that one, because Shatner mentioned in that SHAT WHERE NO MAN book that he had considered Meerhof a friend (he died during that decade.) Now Shatner certainly had a ton of problems during the run of TOS personally, but you'd figure one of your friends getting canned by the studio for trying to do the right thing would have been grounds for you as star to throw some weight around and right that wrong.

Now that I'm reminded of that again, I guess I'll go on another short-lived AntiShat stretch (like Koenig I can never seem to maintain a mad against the guy.)
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