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Re: Pope: Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed

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People are all broken
I like you, but... that's bullshit. Damaging bullshit, too.
We all have weaknesses of some sort, we have all made mistakes, we have all been hurt at some time. That's all I mean. Not that we're all bad or something. You think that's bullshit?
Obviously you are entirely correct. I am an ex-Catholic but I don't think that original sin / fall from paradise are bad literal-religious ways to express what you described in plain English.

I think what some people do have a problem with though is the way that the Catholic church has historically approached this, with confession (oh, I am so bad, I have sinned, punish me) on the one hand and all the songs about the glory of God which are uplifting (it is like a spiritual drug, it makes you feel godo for some time).

I think that an ideal church should be a place where people can "lower their shields" and show how broken they are. Peter Rollins can it express better than me. And I guess that the early Christian communities which consisted of many poor people and outsiders were more similar to this than post-Constantine Christianity.
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