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Re: So are we finally seeing the waning days of Facebook?

Hardly. I use my Facebook to organize get-togethers. It's become a much easier way for me to get ahold of people.

Now, it's possible that I am coming at this from a different perspective than a lot of the world. I was one of the very first people (relatively speaking, anyway) to use Facebook. People still seem to treat it like some kind of fad, but I have been a member of Facebook for nearly a decade.

When Facebook began, it was only available to people at select college campuses, and I just happened to be the exact right age to have access to it. It became a way for me to stay in touch with high school friends. I wasn't re-connecting with long lost acquaintances; I was just keeping up with people that I literally went to high school with the previous year. It became an easy way to see what everybody was up to, and as a result I have retained a lot of friends that I may have otherwise lost.

Aside from actual in-person contact, Facebook is the primary way that I communicate, and the majority of people that I talk to on Facebook are people that I also see regularly in real life.

I'm not saying that everybody should use it, but it really bothers me when people bash it. It's just a communication tool, like your cellphone or email, only it's easier because you don't actually need to bother getting your friends' phone number or email address.
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