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Re: are the original series blu rays any good?

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Of course? I was under the impression that this wasn't entirely certain.
Where I do have doubts is the color saturation. MPEG's data compression usually resulted in less color fidelity for a DVD opposite to a rather full-bandwidth Blu-ray disc.
Sure there the BDs would be a bit better in that regard. But really, they come from the same re-mastered source, so it's almost picking nits. You're confusing things, both formats store color information at 4:2:0 chroma sampling. What you might be thinking of is the slightly expanded color space that HD formats use, Rec 709, over SD's Rec 601.

The main reason to get the BDs is for the pure resolution increase, giving you a really clear image of the scans the remastering team did of the 35mm film.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
However, I can't shake the suspicion that during the remastering for HD (and DVD) some original colors got altered and I noticed it, I think, by accidentally comparing my old LaserDisc footage from "Journey to Babel" with the footage from the Blu-ray ("Gav is dead" scene). There was one shot where the colors of a background door were noticably different (something like green versus blue).
The same background colors looking different happened with other episodes. The one that comes to mind is Where No Man Has Gone Before. The sickbay scenes used to look very pale, kind of beige, it turns out the walls were actually greenish, either via a color gel light flooding the walls or they were actually a light green before being repainted when the series was picked up.

You're thinking about it the wrong way. They didn't change anything per-say. We've been watching really old beat up copies of the episodes since at least the '80s VHS tape releases, if not longer.

They pulled the film out of the Paramount archives and had it re-scanned from scratch. It revealed a whole new level of information that was there back in the '60s but had been aged out by generational losses of the film being copied and eventually transferred to video, etc.
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