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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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This question is for the old timers.

We've all seen the... rather heated comments about the design of Enterprise for the 2009 movie, so I was wondering if something similar happened in '79 when TMP came out and the now-classic redesign was made.

Pick up a copy of The Best of Trek #3 on Amazon and see for yourself. "Change for the sake of change" is a recurring complaint, and the article calling the new-look Klingons "spine-headed munchkins" is hilarious.

Then take a look at Best of Trek #7, where fans complain about the next round of changes in Wrath of Khan, concluding that "...the Federation has been overwhelmed and drastically altered by some cataclysm- possibly revolution." and that Star Trek has become "Indiana Skywalker meets the son of Star Wars"

Now take a look at the complaints in the XI+ forum. Nothing has changed
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