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Re: WTF: Amazon is going to see legal fan fiction

I wonder if the license extends to all products in the franchise? Could, hypothetically, someone use David Mack's OCs and original races from his books in a Star Trek fanfic?

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Quality of work aside, why pay a higher amount to a professional when you can pay zero to a fanficcer and make pure profit?
Any fanficcer would be stupid to accept that. If it's contract work, in other words the publisher WANTS something from you, then he's gotta pay you for that.

Most of you know my opinion about fan fiction, copyright and payment, and this is one tiny little wee step towards that vision.
That's the contract under Kindle and Kindle worlds: You write it, you post it on, you get a percentage; after Amazon takes their cut on top of "bandwidth/download" expenses". Only difference here is: You write, you post on Amazon, you get paid after the IP holder, Amazon, and expenses. So yes the publisher/IP holder pays you nothing. You do the work for free, hope it sells, and if it does they get paid out of your sells--effectively you paying them, like a vanity press set up, which is what Kindle publishing really is.
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