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Re: Star Trek III - The Vengeance Of Khan

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Please leave TNG-things alone.
Why? TNG and its spin-offs played with TOS toys all the time.

People have been wanting to see Kirk vs. the Borg since Q, Who.
I dunno, I guess I just think TOS should be good enough on it's own without having to pull from later TNG+ material. It's fine with cameo appearances, but as a major antagonist? The Borg again?

For a long while now I've wanted to see the Gorn, the Tholians, First Federation, and other TOS entities get enough screen time and attention to compete with the Romulans and Klingons for prime antagonist spots. They've mostly been sidelined since TNG came on the air, though the Tholians got a brief surge during Enterprise. Still wishing for more though.

The game Gorn were fantastic! Would be a nice change to see them become as great of an adversary to the Federation as the Klingons are.
Space zombies have mass appeal potential. Space lizards and/or insects are a novelty.
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