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Re: TWOK remade scene?

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I found the scene with kirk and spock , just as good as TWOK one it worked well, how they played on the twist of kirk dying but what i like too have seen is Mc Coy also run to the scene as he is also his friend and would have added to it .What do you guys think ?
Everything about the scene in TWOK was perfect. The setup with bones calling Kirk, the run to the engine room, the crew holding Kirk back, the dying Spock walking into the wall. It was a great scene beautifully done.

The scene in ID was silly and laughable. No resonance at all and all pathos was lost 20 minutes later. horrible.
I found it to be quite true to life. How often in an action-adventure picture does the hero admit to being scared of his impending death? Kirk pleads with Spock to help him face death with some sort of resolve and Spock is unable to help. Kirk has never been more real and human than he was in that moment.

As far as the scene in TWOK goes, it seems strikingly subdued compared to the STID scene.

I thought both were fine for the context of each movie. There was more dignity in Spock's scene in TWOK, as there probably should've been. There was no anger. Emotions were running higher in STID, including Spock's anger for what now would never be fulfilled.

Funny how JJ was able to keep Kirk's death a secret here in the Internet age (though I suspected it from that first teaser and the first time I heard Spock in the volcano reference the needs of the many ), and the secret of Spock's death back in 1982 leaked all over the place to the point where no one even tried to deny it but actually tried to soften it, instead.
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