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Re: Pope: Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed

Timelord_Victorious wrote: View Post
I realize the statement is not meant as such, because of his possibly sincere belief, but it still carries the insult that we are ALL broken and guilty and need redemption in the first place because of what imaginary mud guy and rib girl did 6000 years ago.
Forget mud guy and rib girl. People are all broken, and we are all guilty of doing something hurtful to someone along the way.

EmoBorg wrote: View Post
It is nice of the pope to say that. At least the Catholic Church are not bible literalist.
Nope, the Catholic Church has never taught Biblical literalism. Because the fundamentalists / literalists get so much press, a lot of people assume that all Christians are literalists. The reality is that Catholics and mainstream Protestants (Episcopalian/Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, etc.) are not. If some individuals are, it's despite their denomination's teachings, not because of them.
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