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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by insert_name_here:
Is it just me or does it look like Apollo may be developing the Starbuck model of dealing with issues?
Sex, Angst and rock n roll?

As interesting as the Lee stuff is, do we have any indication of how what happens to Laura (you know the cylon cure thingo) effects her presidency or how people see her?
I mean she just started becoming buddies with Adama again, is he going to start seeing her like he see's Boomer? and will they ever get another scene together that deals with the fact that she is sick and she never told him?
And while I'm at it, in Ron Moore's interview it said we will see President Adar and a bit of what Laura's life was before...any spoilers regarding that at all?
All things I'd also like to know. I'm also really curious to know how the people in the RTF will see her after this (assuming they know, I assume they do if they knew she was dying before). I mean in 47-49,000 people there's got to be at least a few who would argue that it makes her a cylon now (blah). Surely it will crop up during the (what must be now) impending election. I hope that it doesn't change the way Adama sees her. I trust he would know more than the average extremist in the fleet. And what with her cancer and then possibly losing Billy she's going to need his support. Or atleast gods dammit recently they've just gone back to being supportive of one another, I hope he's there for her. And yes I wonder if we'll see acknowledgement of her not telling him about her cancer or will it be just one of those unspoken things? And what's with the flashback to Adar that RDM mentioned? How many months to go again?????

and that's the thing with the script excerpts for spoilers. They contain very little of either Roslin or Adama. It's good (there's no spoilers) and bad (there's no spoilers!!!).
Ah, the spoiler whore's paradox.
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