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Is it possible to make Trek Toys Kids would want?

I was looking at some of the Toys from the 2009 movie online and was thinking about how I would have gone about making that line had I been in charge:

1. only made 3.75 in figures, I would have made the entire crew in the regular uniforms, ditched the "consoles" and included a microscale ship from the movie in it's place, (Babylon 5 Figures did this.) Little Enterprises, Kelvins, Mayflowers, Narada's, so on and so forth. Kids would prob think the little ship was cool, Collectors would be snapping them up also because these would be the only micro representations of some of the more obscure ships in the movie. The only Variants besides the duty uniforms for the crew would have been Kirk and Sulu in the Spacejump suits (they would come with working parachutes)

2. Made the creatures on the Ice Planet

3. More bad guy Figures, Some other Romulans along with Nero, Klingon Army Builder Figs. You need more than one guy for your crew figures to fight.

4. Made a proper bridge play-set, plenty of consoles and chairs, a plastic two tier floor (no vinyl mat), set price at 40.00 bucks. Transporter set was fine.

5. Made a light and sound Narada, scaled it down to same size as enterprise, (it would have looked like crap probably to control costs, but kids would want a ship to battle with their enterprise.) Made a light and sound shuttle for action figs, have a opening floor with string so kids can reenact the space jump scene.

I think the Phaser, Tricorder, and communicator would have sold better if the rest of the line hadn't tanked, I think those were okay. Even though I think this prob would have been the best way to make Trek Toys appealing to kids I'm still not sure if it would have sold well, I know playmates was going to release an additional wave that had an extra romulan and the smaller creature on the ice planet, but it was cancelled due to the first wave of stuff not selling very well. what do you guys think? if you got to make a trek toy line, and the only stipulation was you had to make it kid friendly how would you do it?

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