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Part of me thinks it is snoozeville once they get out of spacedock.

But another part agrees with you, if you'll push your assessment back 2 minutes to include McCoy's monologue to Spock, which feels like De's best moment since THE EMPATH and BREAD & CIRCUSES.

Kelley's scene there is good. I think they might've needed to reorder the scenes somewhere (I don't know how) to maybe make the tempo of the last fifteen or so minutes seem a little more upbeat.
Telling the movie as a voiceover flashback comes to mind; would let you drop whatever you felt obliged to keep only for continuity.

Start the movie in darkness (no pun intended) with Kirk saying 'If I hadn't tried, the cost would have been my soul.' Makes everyone off-balance, thinking, is this going to NOT work out at the end?
Maybe. But I loathe flashbacks as a storytelling method.
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