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I also agree that once they leave Genesis, it's Snoozeville.
Part of me thinks it is snoozeville once they get out of spacedock.

But another part agrees with you, if you'll push your assessment back 2 minutes to include McCoy's monologue to Spock, which feels like De's best moment since THE EMPATH and BREAD & CIRCUSES.

Kelley's scene there is good. I think they might've needed to reorder the scenes somewhere (I don't know how) to maybe make the tempo of the last fifteen or so minutes seem a little more upbeat.
Telling the movie as a voiceover flashback comes to mind; would let you drop whatever you felt obliged to keep only for continuity.

Start the movie in darkness (no pun intended) with Kirk saying 'If I hadn't tried, the cost would have been my soul.' Makes everyone off-balance, thinking, is this going to NOT work out at the end?
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