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Re: Noticed something about the confiscated ship from STID (mild spoil

Nice catch.

I doubt that the STID production crew took the idea from the comic, probably, as stated, quite the opposite. Comics used production art or footage from the film as a base.

Unfortunately, they redesigned the ship for Star Trek: Remastered, into this (kinda lame, toyish looking, imo) design:

I'm guessing that the designer of the ship for STID might have based it on the TOS profile of Mudd's "Aurora" Class J Cargo Ship. Which means that STID ignored ST:R, and uncannonized it in this instance, lol. And people say that Abrams doesn't respect TOS canon!
The guys from CBS digital responsible for TOS:R look like they have done a 1:1 scale kitbash to give it that pirate/functional look with that TOS vibe. I liked it when I saw the ep.

However, it looks like Richard Bransons SpaceShipOne has had a love child with the Galieo shuttle.



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