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Re: Return to the Dollhouse

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The most stupid is Dollhouse, which is dedicated to an indentured servitude/brainwashing operation that does nothing but teach cute people to do stuff that more experienced normal people already know how to do. Need a hostage negotiator? Rent a doll! Or, you know, hire an actual hostage negotiator! Need a bodyguard? Rent a doll! Or, like, consult a private security firm! Need somebody to fuck? Is it seriously so hard for rich people to find just the right high class hooker or gigolo that you have to wipe people's minds just to provide them?

One of the biggest mysteries in the history of television is why Fox gave this show a second season after seeing any episodes of the first.
You have a point about bodyguards and hostage negotiators, but you're completely missing the point with the dolls used as sex partners (which I'm willing to bet is the majority of the assignments). Sure, they could rent a prostitute, but it's not the same thing. The prostitute is doing it all for money - she or he may fuck you, pretend to be sexually attracted to you, pretend to love you, dress up as your fantasy, pretend to be someone else - but they're doing it all for the money. They are just pretending. A doll is not pretending: they really are that person at the time, they really do want you and love you, at the time. In a way, it's all real, as Adelle explains to a client in one of the episodes (she did in the unaired pilot and the scene was re-used in another episode, I'm not sure which).

And then there are other, very specific assignments where it was necessary for the doll to truly be that person and feel genuine emotion: as in the season 2 episode "Instinct" where
In other assignments, the clients had decided that it wasn't safe enough to hire a person who would just pretend to be whatever, because they believed nobody was such a good actor and the targets would see through the lie, so they needed someone who was 100% genuine, as in the episode "True Believer". If I'm remembering it correctly, something similar was the case with the hostage negotiator episode, since Echo was not just supposed to be a good hostage negotiator but it was also instrumental that she had a specific memory.

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