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Re: Need some help with a college assignment!

And the results are in. B-, B-, B- and C.

This is an interesting and engaging reflection. Itís great that you identify a relationship between the slender ideal, economic structures and the mass media but sometimes your argument around these topics is a little unclear. For instance, Iím not sure on the relevance of the examples about workplaces and such things as rape laws to body type and size- can you clarify why youíve included them? Also, can you say more about why you think such a slender ideal exists and what purpose it serves socially? For instance, why do you think the Biggest Loser has been a successful (if not pretty horrible!) TV show? Is it because it reinforces the slender type of body? Some more reflection on and incorporation of references from the readings in the Reader may help with all this. Iím glad you are enjoying the course
My grade was only three points lower than my last assignment. I told the tutor that I thought she was being lenient, she explained that she had to mark my work in relation to the average student - so I guess I'm either putting more effort in than the average student, or just have a knack for gender issues. Next up, my last piece of work for the unit, a 3500 word essay, which counts for 40% of my final grade:

Clothing and appearance are not trivial. Critically discuss this statement in relation to Muslim women and the practice of veiling and discourses of beauty in the West.
I actually feel this will be easier than the assignment I was complaining about. Long - being seven times longer than any prior assignment - but easy.
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