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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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The new Enterprise, as an object d'art, so to speak, is just plain ugly. I think most people would agree that it strikes them as ugly, even though it may be hard for them to explain exactly why. There are magical proportions and lines that the eye subliminally looks for, the golden mean and all that sort of stuff. The refit has it, and the 2009 Enterprise doesn't. It's like the difference between a Ferrari and an AMC Pacer.
Really ? I disagree completely. I've seen a lot of fan designs for 1701, including my own, and people often cite Gabe Koerner's design, but most of them strike me as tricked-out racing models. The Enterprise was always like a liner, to me, and the 2009 version strikes exactly that chord with me. It's replaced the 1979 version as my favourite starship design specifically because it's so in line with the TOS and TMP versions: sleek, simple and luxurious.
Only the dish reads remotely that way to me, with the rest just messing with proportions in a disturbing/distracting fashion. Kind of reminds me of a sports car from the late 70s ... don't recall its name, but the front and middle looked sharp and exciting like a traditional Corvette ... but then it just stopped, like somebody lopped off the back end of a vette. Just godawful looking, whatever the hell it was.
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