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Re: Well, THIS makes me feel old...

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Don't even get me started on how they view the 80s and earlier 1990s, might as well be the 1880s to them. .
Heck, to a lot of young people, all that old-timey stuff is the same and they honestly can't distinguish between the 18th or the 19th Centuries, or the 1930s or the 1950s. It's all one big historical blur . . .

Just last week, I was reading an article that casually referred to the Johnny Weissmuller TARZAN movies as "the 1950s Tarzan serials" and I've seen similar references to "1950s Mummy movies with Bela Lugosi" and such, 'cause apparently the 30s, the 40s, and the 50s were one and the same . . . as were Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi!

Even worse, a few years back I was talking to a couple of smart high school kids who, for the life of them, didn't have a clue what century Benjamin Franklin lived in and didn't seem to grasp why this appalled me. Their attitude seemed to be, why would anyone need to know that anyway? It was, like, five hundred years ago, right?

And, again, these were smart, college-bound teens . . . who probably know more about computers and technology than I ever will.

(To be fair, they in turn were appalled that I didn't own a smartphone and had never texted anyone in my life. "Never?" they asked in tones of shocked disbelief, as though I had just admitted to not knowing how to read . . . .)
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